Simple facts about top universities of the world

The all facts are below ..must read other simple articles for get a small knowledge about education..In srilanka the farther of free education is c.w.w kannagara.he is the most valuable person in free education system in ceylon.his invention is much usefull.

According to the latest world rewheels the unversity is the place where every educated people goes to sucess.its a place that have massive knowledge.since our little age our teachers,parents encourage us for good education.the education system is vary by one country to other asian countries the primary education is better than higher education.Some people neglects unversity education because of there poorty.Goverments of al countries prividrded solution for that.they offer free education.poor students prefers that free education system.On the other hand the private education sector also very strong these days.they have grajuated teachers as well

However our topic is top universties of the im going to catagarize most awarded and best unversities of the world

1.Oxford unversity

2.University of cambridge

3.Stanford unversity

Above listed unversities are top ranked.they provide better education and we should have specific qualifications for select them.


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