The relationship between bitcoin and unversity students

As a result of rapid development of science the internet technology is increasing day by day.there were many new technological inventions.those are much helpfull for life

Mobile phone,television,laptops,digital accesories,internet,crytocoins,digital currencies are some of them.among them bitcoin takes a significant place.bitcoin a cryptocurrecy that increasing value day by 2016 season bitcoin was more famous.nowadys price of a bitcoin is more that 3000 USD.

Lets see what is the realationship between these cryptocurrencies vs university students.As we know unversity is the backbone of a developed country,people who studies in universities are more inteligent,educated & more wise.On the other hand students need much money for university education.according to my opinion allmost all unversity students involved in online monet making programmes.As we know bitcoin is a digital currency that rapidly develop day by day.students interested to collect these bitcoins.when we reffer latest reports many students prefer to mine bitcoin.there are two ways to mine bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin cloud mining

2.bitcoin hardware mining

We need computers,high capacity hardware divers,highspeed VGA cards for hardware mining.the instruments that mines bitcoin using computers is called as ” bitcoin mining rig”

University students interested to place these mining rigs on there hostels.they earn extra income from those mined bitcoins.actualy they can use them for there my final conclusion is digitals currencies can convert our poor life into a luxuries life.

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